Meet Megan

131hMy Background

  • B.A. Human Biology from University of Kansas
  • Professional Tennis Instructor
  • Multiple Sports Science Certifications
  • Certified Mental Coach
  • Published with Association of Therapy & Resource Centers for work with Autistic Children
  • Research Lab Assistant for Alzheimer research

My Specialties

  • Grain-Free Living
  • Gluten-Free Living
  • Eating for athletic performance
  • Eating for Celiac disease and other autoimmune diseases
  • Eating for weight-loss

My Philosophy

I believe healthy eating should fit into your existing lifestyle, not change everything to lose a few pounds.  Everyone has the right to feel sexy, desirable, healthy and most importantly HAPPY!  I firmly believe all these goals can be achieved through eating real foods that your body needs.  Although I specialize in grain-free living, that is not for everyone.  Everyone’s body is different, it’s about finding what works for you and sticking to it.

My Story

A few years back I was 45 pounds overweight and very unhappy with my life.  I didn’t know even where to begin.  I knew I wanted to lose weight and feel confident naked.  Yes I said naked.  I wanted to look at myself in the mirror and know I loved what I saw.

I cut out fast foods, desserts and Starbucks.  I hired a trainer 3 times a week and worked my butt off.  I counted calories, weighed myself daily and kept food journals.  But over a 2 year period I only lost 15 pounds.  I was devastated!  I felt like I was doing everything possible and I still had 30 pounds to go.

That’s when I mentally hit rock bottom.  Like you, I was tired of dieting, tired of having no energy and tired of being that girl that was just a little “overweight!” I just wanted to give up.  But I knew things would only get worse if I didn’t make a change now.

I wanted to eat foods I loved, exercise a couple times per week, and most importantly feel confident and happy again.

As you likely know, I’ve now made my dreams come true.

I’ve lost a total of 45 pounds.

I wake up every single day with energy, confidence and an overall happy feeling about the future ahead.

And despite what everyone says, I don’t spend hours in the kitchen or astronomical amounts of money to be healthy.

The reason I am sharing my story with you is because I want you to know two things.

I understand exactly where you’re at and what you’re going through.
I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side.

Because the bottom line is this: I’ve done it. I’ve coached others to do it and I know with every
fiber of my soul that if you want this bad enough, you can do it too.

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