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Welcome to A New Healthy Lifestyle!

First off let me tell you how excited I am that you are here.  To get you started, let me take you through a little background on me, my philosophy and what I can do for you.  I have included the short and sweet version below, click on the titles to get a more in depth look.

Meet Megan

A couple years ago I made a decision that changed my life for the better. I decided I wanted to live a complete healthy lifestyle. Working out with a trainer, just wasn’t cutting it for me. To see drastic results in my athletic training and appearance I had to revamp my nutrition. I not only feel better, sleep deeper and wake much more refreshed, but most importantly my confidence really shines in my everyday activities. Shying away from cameras is no longer my M.O. Let me help you live a complete and healthy lifestyle. You deserve it!

My Philosophy

I believe healthy eating should fit into your existing lifestyle, not change everything to lose a few pounds.  Everyone has the right to feel sexy, desirable, healthy and most importantly HAPPY!  I firmly believe all these goals can be achieved through eating real foods that your body needs.

My Free Program

I want everyone to get a little taste of what it’s like to feel amazing.  The 7 Day Sugar-Carb Cleanse will help you lose weight, kick up your metabolism and feel healthy and happy in one week.  And the best part…it’s completely free.

28 Days To Healthy

My new and improved 28 Days To Healthy program allows you an exclusive pass on eating what you want and losing weight.

Personalized Meal Plans

Looking for a customized meal plan designed for you and you alone.  Together we design a meal plan around foods you love to eat, a schedule that fits your lifestyle and workouts that take only 15 minutes per day.


Have a plan in mind, but need a little help to make it all work together?  A half hour or hour session could do the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all the answers about living a healthy lifestyle.  From what oils to cook with to the best exercise for fat loss.

Hot off the Blog

New recipes and health tips at your finger tips.


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