teresatestimonialJust want to tell you what an inspiration you are. Your consistency/lifestyle more than anything. Two weeks ago I decided to try and bust through my weight-loss plateau, I have never felt better in my life, and I’m down 10 lbs. I know the weight will level off not always be the motivator, but I had no idea I would feel so much healthier. I love seeing your meals and getting new ideas!    ~Teresa


lauramillertestimonial“I am 42 and was a candy loving, pasta eating, Starbucks addict – but I wasn’t always this way. In my 20’s I was healthy and looked fantastic. But, after having my son at age 35, my metabolism began to slow down. I figured, hey I’m getting older…it’s okay to look a little rounder. But the problem was I began to feel tired, sick and truly old! Aches and pains ruled my day. It was time for a change…and that’s when Megan asked me to give her plan a try for 30 days. I must admit the first 48 hours were rough, but Megan coached me through the tough times and never made me feel like I was a quitter or a lost cause. On day three the cravings started to disappear and I began to feel better and cleaner. The greatest thing about this program is that it becomes a lifestyle. I can truly see myself eating like this for the rest of my life. I have the energy of a 25 year old, sleep like a baby and get up in the mornings without feeling groggy or tired. Megan is a fantastic coach and encourager. She’s given me healthy alternatives to  the candy and pasta I used to eat daily. I feel fantastic and love the way I look!”    ~Laura


carabellotestimonial“At the age of 42, I finally decided the yo-yo dieting had to go. My first day on the diet wasn’t hard. I had plenty of motivation and drank water until I floated. But the second day was a different story. As a mother of five, I feel my every moment is controlled by the kids until the end of the day. But once they’re in bed, I have those moments of peace and uninterrupted time that unfortunately, find me sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream. That’s when I needed encouragement…and coaching. So, now instead of reaching for the ice cream, I make a fruit smoothie with strawberries and almond milk. The scale rewards me the next morning, and with Megan’s help, I’m learning to recognize and change old habits.”   ~Michelle


kellytestimonial“Today was one of those days! Too many kids, too many demands…… And running low on hormones! I was ready to give up on “me” in an effort to spread myself around for my family. Thank God for Megan! She listened to me vent & refused to let me give up. She was very supportive & understanding without preaching…asking questions to understand more & enlighten me at the same time! THANKS Megan! Trust me….my family thanks you also!”    ~Kelly



“I know this might seem random, but I watch your Facebook and Instagram and I thought to myself “If anyone would know what to do, Megan would!” Thank you so very much for the help.”    ~Andrea



sandytestimonial“I need you!!!!! We are wanting to take gluten out of our diets and I need some gluten free snacks for the kids.  Body Barz will be the perfect solution!”    ~Sandy



richardtestimonial“The more I read about healthy eating and paleo I am making more connections to how crappy I feel sometimes and the food that I eat….an EYE OPENER for sure”    ~Richard



cathytestimonial“The 14 Day Sugar-Carb Cleanse is way easy.  Thank you for making this available to me – I needed it.” Cathy




helentestimonial“The feeling that I know I am doing something good for my well being everyday is evidence enough that I’m on my way to healthy living forever.”    ~Helen





bobtestimonial“I have NO craving for sweets or carbs anymore!  Loving working out more because of the increase in energy.  Thank you Megan and my family thanks you too.”    ~Bob



petratestimonial“I’m 24 pounds down and feel great.  30 more to go and stay with it.  I would not have been able to do it without you Megan.  You gave me the kick in the booty that I needed.    ~Petra



kevintestimonial“I was blown away by not only the number of recipes…such a complete and well thought out research for living a healthy lifestyle.” Kevin




isatestimonial“Before I started A New Healthy Lifestyle, I struggled with gaining and losing the same 15 pounds. I have tried several different diets and usually went back to the “just don’t eat” plan. I was literally starving myself by missing meals. I lived on diet soda and coffee as a way to get me through the day and only slept an average of three to four hours each night. Now I eat more food, my sleep time has increased to six to seven hours per night and my energy level is better than ever. Thanks, you are the best!”    ~Lisa

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