Unusual Uses for Olive Oil

Unusual Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple in my house, and can be used to cook almost anything in the skillet or oven, but did you know there are other non-food uses for it as well?  Here are 25 wonderfully unusual uses for olive oil.  Give a couple a try and let me know what if your favorite.

1. Easy clean up of garden toolsolives

2. Eye makeup remover

3. Stainless steel shine

4. Free a stuck zipper

5. Soften your skin

6. Lice treatment

7. DIY lip balm

8. Lamp fuel

9. Furniture polish

10. Sticker removeal

11. Skin moisturizer

12. Throat soother

13. Ear ache relief

14. Shoe polish

15. Hair tonic

16. Bath oil

17. Psoriasis treatment

18. Diaper rash treatment

19. Substitute for shaving cream

20. Moisturize your fingernails

21. Control hair frizz

22. Remove paint from your skin

23. Fix a squeaky door

24. Clear up acne on your face

25. Floor polish

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